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Looking for a great service, price, quality combo?
Well, you’ve come to the right place! Our rates reflect the insight, professionalism and quality you receive when you work with Writing Leo.
We keep our rates as simple as possible in order to maximize both our times. These guidelines give you a fair idea of what to expect when working with us.
Keep in mind that the rates below are set as a starting point for each section. To know exactly what to expect for your project,  ask us for a quote!


Are you full of ideas but lost for words? Writing Leo can help bring your vision to life in black and white. The goal is to make your voice shine with compelling and researched content. All we need is your end goal, and we’ll do the rest. Let us bring the best of your brand and company with professional ad copy, website/blog articles, reports, press releases, emails, print letters, white papers, and non-fiction books. 

All blog articles include a compelling introduction, an eye-catching title, SEO and keyword optimization, and engaging content flow.


Bylined blog posts: from $250

Ghostwritten blog posts: from $300

White papers: from $320

Non-fiction books, long-form articles: from $230

*If you need less than 1,000 words, please contact us.


Do you need a professional to proofread or edit your final drafts? Writing Leo can help add a final touch to your documents, manuscripts, website/ad copy or articles to ensure that all that the words reflect your brand, business and personality. Writing Leo’s editing services will add an engage tone and touch to your writing, so you can better connect with your readers.

Developmental: from $200

Sub-editing: from $100


Need to tell your story in a professional, unique and engaging manner? If you have a speech that needs to be converted to an ebook or an experience you’d like to share with the world, Writing Leo will ensure that your personality, story and message shine and flow on paper.

per project rate. Please contact us to discuss.


from $160

Rates By Time

Per hour: from $60

Per half day: from $220

Per day: from $380



There may be reasonable additions to my invoice if travel is required for your project.


I calculate my rates in U.S. dollars. If you use another currency, I will give you a precise quote after conversion.

*If you need content in bulk, please contact me so we can discuss your situation specifically.